The Lowe project

The LOwe Project

When you’ve owned a house as a young adult, gotten married, had a family and shared years of laughs and adventures within it’s walls it has a special place in your heart…but sometimes those walls begin reflecting your life well lived in a not so flattering way and if you listen closely you might just hear those walls begging for a facelift…you might also find your wife echoing that sentiment.

Here at Project Lowe our family had a clear vision for their renovation and it was a pleasure to help them find all of the pieces to bring their earthy, eclectic, meets clean, contemporary vibe to life and it all started with that gorgeous green artisan backsplash!

Completed 2022

“Never have we used the space so much. The decision to redo the entire floor was the best we have ever made, so incredibly worth the investing in a space for us. The whole space is functional, so beautiful and full of life now. It is just how we envisioned”

                                                                                       – the homeowner