About Us

How it started

Our journey together began in 2015, when we first teamed up to revive a run down century home in Old Newmarket. The scope of work was immense, but we quickly discovered that this was a winning team. Since then, we’ve undertaken numerous successful projects together, raising our families and honing our craft along the way. Over the years, it has become abundantly clear that this is what we love and what we love to do. We are part of a team where chemistry matters, quality matters and people matter, but we needed a brand that would represent who we are, and what we do. We are STILE contracting and design.

Who We are

We are not your Dad’s “guy”. We provide design consultation and guidance with expert project management to see your vision through from concept to completion.

What’s your time and peace of mind worth? We might just be more affordable than you think! See what STILE can do for you!

Meet The Team

Nathan McNairn

Director of Business Operations/Client Relations

About Nathan:

What would my wife say about me? “Why can’t home Nate be more like work Nate?”

Work Nate is:

Professional, punctual, organized, detail oriented, sober, smells great, wears nice clothes, treats everyone with respect, uses appropriate language and does what he says he will.

What I would say about me:

“I have experience in Residential and Commercial property development, including project management, capital finance, purchase and sale. I have spent many hours on site gaining valuable experience in interior renovation and design; landscape construction; excavation and bobcat operation. Yes, you can operate a bobcat. They have sharp claws, but nothing like my wife!”

Jeremy Browne

Lead Project Manager, General Contractor, Client Relations

About Jeremy:

What would my wife say about me? “Be more like work Nate…”

Work Jeremy Is:

An expert general contractor from a long line of family craftsmen, Jeremy has more than 20 years experience in residential and commercial construction, design and project management. His meticulous attention to detail and high quality standards are reflected throughout his body of work, which can be viewed throughout the GTA.

What would I say about me:

“Please don’t ask me why I’m sweating, it’s hot wearing two layers of clothes. However, I do it because I’ve been told the blue tights and red cape can come off as little pretentious. Not to mention, it makes some of the less fit gentlemen uncomfortable to see a man my age in such good shape.”

Wes Browne

Project Manager, General Contractor

About Wes:

What would my wife say about me? “It must be hard being so perfect.”

Work Wes Is:

Dependable, reliable, charming and kind, he always makes it “nice” in the end. With over 25 years of experience in the world of construction, he has done it all. From working on barges and mountains, dish pits and ski hills, he has learned the value of hard work and problem solving. He has never met a challenge he couldn’t overcome. 

What would I say about me:

“I have worked tirelessly over the years to build a reputation for getting sh*t done and making problems disappear. A professional fixer per say, I make “home” happen. I’m still w​aiting for my phone call from HGTV.”


Elise Trimbee

Lead Designer 

About Elise:

What would my husband say about me? Only good things if he’s smart.

Work Elise:

Comes to interior design from an unconventional path, but it is this broad scope of experience that helps her find thoughtful and inspired uses of space for her clients. She visualizes each project through a multidisciplinary lens considering the colour, layout and flow, then implements creative concepts to achieve the vision, crafting each design down to the smallest detail.

What would I say about me:

“My love for all things artistic is evident throughout my career – I have an Honours BA in Fine Art, completed multiple full home renovations, worked as a stager and stylist under local designer Amanda Shields as well as founded the successful furniture business, The Salvage Yard Co. I find beauty in many design styles, but I am most drawn to transitional spaces that mix traditional elements with modern and eclectic pieces. I love unexpected points of tension or bold moments like a statement piece of art or layered textures. I think these unique details are where we really bring personality into our homes.”

Brittany Butorac


About Brittany:

What would my husband say about me? Well I don’t have one of those, but if I did he better tell me I’m good at what I do!

Work Brittany is:

Passionate and precise. With 3 years of schooling and more than 5 years of experience under her belt, Brittany is knowledgeable in both design and construction. She loves to collaborate on ideas while considering the flow and function of a space.

What I would say about me:

My (future) husband is right, I am good at what I do and I love it! Interior design is challenging and exciting – everyday is different just like our projects. I enjoy meeting new people, hearing about their different wants, needs and styles to come up with creative ways to bring their visions to life.

Bruce Springsteen

The boss

Enough said…