eDesign: What is it & Why you need it for your next Renovation project

Dining area with wood table and chairs, designed with modern neutral tones by STILE.

Elise Trimbee

October 3, 2023

eDesign, or Virtual Design, is like following a road map in the fast lane to your renovation goals. This type of service gives you access to an experienced Interior Designer without taking a day off work, cleaning your house or the prohibitive costs that can come with a full service design package.

In a world post-pandemic most of us have some experience with platforms like Zoom and the ease in which they allow us to connect with co-workers and family, but they have also opened up the possibility of working collaboratively with professionals that may be outside of reach otherwise. eDesign is one of these amazing offerings that allows you to connect with interior designers in cities or even countries that you would not normally have access to. This is a huge benefit because this means you can really dig in and find a designer who’s style and ethos matches that of your own for the best end result. As designers, these platforms have allowed us to offer services that are smaller in scope, are quickly turned around while cutting out the travel time to and from client meetings. It’s a win-win!

Sounds great, right? But what can you actually achieve from a virtual design experience?

eDesign offers a number of deliverables to get excited about that will aid you in your renovation or decorating journey. These can range from simple mood boards to help focus a decorating or renovation plan, floor plans with furniture or cabinetry layouts and suggested sizes that you can use to purchase and plan from or shopping lists so you may purchase specific merchandise at your leisure and without the guesswork.

edesign of living room with couch, two chairs, coffee table, lamps and wall hangings by STILE.

Benefits of eDesign 

We briefly touched on a few points that make virtual design desirable, but it’s truly the flexibility and the cost saving that are the big wins here. Typically Designers charge hourly rates of $100-$500 making the total cost of the final design unpredictable. Some on the other hand charge flat rates which make costs more manageable and these land anywhere between $2,000 – $10,000 and beyond per room, where as an eDesign typically runs in the hundreds of dollars with just as much attention to detail and beauty put into the end product. 

    Flexibility is another huge perk to using this service for a few reasons. Time is a large draw for busy individuals because everything is done online making it easier to schedule your consultation and presentation when it works for you and without blocking out extra time for travel. In another vein, if you are someone working on a tight timeline the turn around for these projects are rather quick because they are narrow in scope. Therefore you can put the plan into action as quickly, or as slowly as you like, there’s no pressure to make decisions. This flexibility in time also helps keep your budget in tact. With a mood board in hand and the linked shopping list you will be able to shop sales, look for similar items at price points you are comfortable with or save for those large investment pieces like a quality couch or stand out piece of art.

   Another benefit is working with a design plan will help you stay on track with what you are trying to achieve. This is HUGE because it saves time and money. How many times have you gone shopping with something in mind and returned home with something completely different? Perhaps you love this “other thing”, but you soon realize that it doesn’t go with anything else in your house so you return it or months later sell it for less than you bought it for. Having a plan to guide you will give you a more polished end result that you are more likely to enjoy for years to come.

edesign elements of boys room featuring blue walls, a modern bed, a reading nook and desk area by STILE.

How do you know if this service is right for you?

   Well, theoretically it could be right for anyone! However, I think it is important to know yourself and your level of tolerance for managing orders and possibly trades people if you are renovating, dealing with the stress of hiccups or knowing if you enjoy the process of hanging art, painting walls and the like on your own. If any of that list is raising your heart rate or is giving you hives just thinking about it than you may benefit from investing in a flat rate fee or full-service plan that gives you the support you need where you need it. However, if you love the satisfaction of putting in the hard work and enjoy shopping than the guidance that an eDesign can offer is a perfect ingredient to a successful project.

    If you’re still not sure if this package is right for you check out our post “How to Choose the Right Interior Design Package” to help you pick the right service for your needs or contact us anytime for more information.