Getting Inspired

Nathan McNairn

August 12, 2021

I wanted to make my first blog post a tribute to my team. Having been a Paramedic for most of my adult life, death and tragedy have been a recurring theme. I’ve recently discovered that building and creating have become a form of therapy for me. For those who know the life of a first responder, it can be dark and it can be lonely. Creating STILE with my wife and my good friend Jeremy have given me a sense of optimism that I haven’t felt in years. Watching people grow sure beats the shit out of watching people die and I’ve had the pleasure of watching my wife, Elise grow and become more courageous and confident than I’ve ever known her to be. I’m so proud of you Elise. Jeremy Browne, my good friend and business partner you inspire me with your passion and your drive to constantly move forward in life. You have a boyish sense of wonder that I think a lot of adults sorely lack, myself included, and no matter what anyone says, don’t ever change. Creating STILE with you guys has been challenging, but it’s also been an absolute blast. I love you both.

In conclusion, if you want to be inspired, surround yourself with people who are inspiring.