The Main St project

The Main St Project

This project was such a fun one, but it wasn’t without its challenges. Challenge number one – move the existing kitchen across the home, oh and did we mention there’s a concrete slab below that portion of the house?! A lot of hard work for the guys, but they took the task on without  batting an eye (…ok maybe there were some sweat and tears mixed in there too).

Challenge number two – our clients have a wicked sense of style and aren’t afraid to have fun, yet want it to feel modern, inviting and uncluttered. To achieve this we opted for clean, warm whites on the walls and cabinetry throughout the entire main floor and let all of the bold accents do the talking.

The overall outcome is a home that has personality to spare, but the good bones of a great design that will stand the test of time even if the décor around it changes.