Our top Interior Design Trends for 2024

Elise Trimbee

December 30, 2023

With the new year just a few days away, we can’t help but think about what will inspire us and our upcoming projects this year. We’ve read through the top predictions, and we visit countless showrooms on the reg so that we can share with you the styles and predictions we’ll be embracing this year. 

1. Rich Wood Tones

Although the white oak flooring and cabinetry will persist into 2024 (and we’re not mad about it), there is a reintroduction of richer woods like walnut and mid-tone stains, like chestnut. As a flooring option, these are the perfect backdrop to add instant depth and coziness to a room or house. We also see the return to these rich colours in furniture and in the kitchen. The key to mixing these new deep colours with your existing lighter wood pieces is to keep the undertone of the woods consistent so that they complement one another.

2. Pattern Play – especially in tile

Patterns in tile work are predicted to be another continuation from previous years, but we see a turn away from loud motifs in favour of timeless tile shapes with interesting lay patterns to create designs and add interest. Think subway tiles in herringbone or mixing colours to form interest in an otherwise simple tile – this will be a feature in our Lake Dr build, to be completed this Spring. You’ll also see a continuation of the popular checkerboard floor tile, but this too gets a shake-up by pairing contrasting textures to create new combinations.

A long hallway in the Shinola Hotel with high arches, neutral tones and plants. Brown and black stone flooring.
Image Source – Courtesy of Shinola Hotel

3. Mixing Natural and Luxurious Textures

Famed design house Studio McGee calls for more juxtaposition of natural textures like field stone and metal or wood to create an elevated harmony between nature and our interiors. These are some of our favourite moments in design as they add so much life to a space. Textural pairings can also be seen in stonework with new reeded marble tiles and stone slabs, taking the fluted trend of the last few years to a whole new level. Finally, we see soft plaster finishes on kitchen hoods and wall treatments to bring an organic element into our most loved spaces.

Cosentino Dekton Kitchen with soft grey and wood tones, with natural light shining through. Large textured island is the centre of the room with two bar stools.
Image Source: Reeded Dekton Surface – Cosentino

4. Colour Trend – Muted Reds and Browns

A few of our favourite design studios and publishers are anticipating deep reds making a comeback along with the rise of earthy browns. These are also a call to the moody full saturation some are using to break out of the all white colour schemes we’ve been seeing for the past several years. Although these colours are not for the faint of heart, we’re digging them! A great place to try a saturated colour is a smaller room like an office. If you are not into painting a whole room in these deep hues introducing them into your textiles is a great way to bring in the trend while blending it with your existing decor.

ChrisLovesJulia music room with dark red walls, a natural wood piano and white chairs.
Music Room – ChrisLovesJulia

5. Personality and Individuality

Elle Decor and AD are predicting a move toward artisan decor and playing up individuality in our home, and we are excited to hear it! Like some of the previous predictions, this one is a refreshing turn to livability. It’s easy to be influenced by the trends that get the most attention in social media, but why not embrace the things that bring us joy and surround ourselves with them? Buy art that speaks to you, not because other people have it, but because you simply love it. Bring in colour that uplifts you or relaxes you after a long day. 

6. The Return of Walls

With life continuing to change the way we live and work, we see a renewed appreciation for having some separations in spaces and the return of dedicated areas throughout the home. This is in no way a return to the compartmentalized homes of the past, but rather the smart transition between open shared spaces and more intimate dedicated spaces. This trend aligns with STILE’s emphasis on creating unique functional homes that work for our clients’ needs.

The Takeaway:

The themes we are drawn to this year speak to STILE’s overall approach to interior design. We are always huge fans of flirting with new and exciting trends, but often guide our clients to pair trends with classic elements that will have longevity. The trends for 2024 are particularly exciting as they seem to call out for us to loosen up and embrace our own styles – mix old and new, classic and bespoke, bold and subtle. If you are looking for some design help, get in touch with our expert interior designers.